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Is your backup running?

Backups are critical to maintaining a healthy computer. The easiest way to set-up a backup is to utilize a cloud service, such as Carbonite, Backblaze, or Acronis True Image. Tom's Guide has reviews of various cloud backup services here. The monthly recurring costs of backing up to the cloud can be prohibitive, though, if you have a lot of data.

Alternatively, purchasing an external backup drive (such at the Western Digital My Passport or the Seagate Backup Plus Portable) and utilizing either your operating system's built-in backup software or a third-party solution like EaseUS Todo Backup (free option available, registration probably required), Acronis True Image (paid), Veeam Endpoint (free and probably the best, but have to register and probably fend off an account exec who wants to sell you their enterprise products).

Want to protect yourself from viruses?

Many viruses these days are "piggy backing" on banner ads from websites that you'd normally trust.

The commercial sites that you frequent are not necessarily to blame, they are simply serving up advertisements provided from third-party companies. These third-party companies are more easily hacked, and virus writers will hack their servers to include their viruses along with the advertisements.

You can help protect yourself by installing Mozilla Firefox with the AdBlock Plus extension.

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