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Europe considers making it law that your boss can’t bug you outside of office hours

The Register - 1 hour 45 min ago
I’d love to sort out that issue for you, Steve, but it’s Saturday and I'd rather not commit a crime

Europe has had enough of the blurring between work and personal time – where your boss calls you in the evening or colleagues email at the weekend – and is mulling introducing legislation that would provide a “right to disconnect.”…

Intel reveals US$475m investment in Vietnam as Communist Party says it loves high-tech industry

The Register - Tue, 01/26/2021 - 23:58
What a co-incidence this news has emerged in the same week as a five-yearly party congress!

Intel has revealed that it pumped an extra US$475m into its facilities in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.…

Soon, no more blood tests or probing for prostate cancer? AI claims 99% success rate using more relaxing methods

The Register - Tue, 01/26/2021 - 23:34
Small-scale test involving biosensor and trained algorithms shows early promise

Scientists say they have devised a way to screen for prostate cancer using a drop of urine, a sensor, and AI algorithms. And the test takes just twenty minutes, and is 99 per cent accurate, according to results from a small-scale test.…

Firefox 85 crumbles cache-abusing supercookies with potent partitioning powers

The Register - Tue, 01/26/2021 - 23:01
Scorches Flash for the very last time, too

The Mozilla Foundation has scorched a pair of monstrosities in the new version 85 of its Firefox browser.…

Facebook, Reddit receive low marks for Holocaust denial content - CNET

CNet - Tue, 01/26/2021 - 22:07
The two companies, along with Discord and Steam, get a D in a report card prepared by the Anti-Defamation League. Facebook disagrees with the grade.

The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software goes offline for good

The Register - Tue, 01/26/2021 - 22:02
You probably remember it as, an essential source of shareware downloads for the early Web

One of the web’s early software download bazaars,, has closed.…

The best air mattress for 2021: SoundAsleep, REI and more compared - CNET

CNet - Tue, 01/26/2021 - 22:00
We inflated and slept on some of the most popular air mattress models, from Intex, Coleman, King Koil and more. Here’s what we learned.

Best resume writing service for 2021 - CNET

CNet - Tue, 01/26/2021 - 22:00
Whether you're looking for a template or professional help, these resume tools have you covered.

Best college laptop for 2021: Apple, Microsoft, Dell and more - CNET

CNet - Tue, 01/26/2021 - 21:50
Find an affordable laptop for every type of student.

Best cheap true-wireless earbuds in 2021: Top AirPods alternatives for $100 or less - CNET

CNet - Tue, 01/26/2021 - 21:40
Looking for AirPods alternatives that cost a lot less? Here are some truly wireless budget models worth considering.

The best DIY home security systems of 2021 - CNET

CNet - Tue, 01/26/2021 - 21:23
Keep an eye on your house with one of these do-it-yourself systems.

The best iPhone 12 chargers starting at just $10 - CNET

CNet - Tue, 01/26/2021 - 21:11
With Apple not including a power adapter with all the new iPhone 12 models, here's a look at several chargers that will juice up any iPhone extra-fast.

Here's the best Bluetooth wireless speaker to blast for 2021 - CNET

CNet - Tue, 01/26/2021 - 20:45
Portable speakers continue to improve, with better sound and battery life. These are the best ones you can buy right now.

AMD's Lisa Su: Our processor sales are Ryzen faster than the PC market is growing

The Register - Tue, 01/26/2021 - 20:06
Chip designer records bumper final quarter and full year, predicts more of the same to come, says supply flow will increase

Sometimes, things just go right. AMD on Tuesday reported record full-year and fourth-quarter financial figures, all due to interest in its chips across the board, from microprocessors in PCs and servers to GPUs in games consoles, and all during a pandemic.…

Incredible new deepfake recasts Luke Skywalker in Star Wars - CNET

CNet - Tue, 01/26/2021 - 20:02
This fan-made Star Wars deepfake video makes it easy to think of Marvel's Avengers character Bucky Barnes as a Jedi Master.

3 great AirPods Pro alternatives that cost less - CNET

CNet - Tue, 01/26/2021 - 20:00
Apple's noise-canceling earbuds are sweet, but there are cheaper options if you're not able to swing the $249 price tag.

The best external hard drive and SSD for 2021: Mac, PC, PS4 and Xbox - CNET

CNet - Tue, 01/26/2021 - 19:30
Need a backup option -- or just more space? Here are our top picks for external storage options.

Plex goes retro with subscription game-streaming service Arcade - CNET

CNet - Tue, 01/26/2021 - 19:20
Get ready to revisit such Atari classics as Centipede and Missile Command.

Dear team: Please work hard in 2021. I’d help, but I’m in jail. Yours, the boss of Samsung

The Register - Tue, 01/26/2021 - 19:02
Management masterclass as locked-up Lee Jae-Yong apologises for his absence

Samsung’s vice chairman and de facto boss Lee Jae-Yong has reportedly sent staff motivational messages from inside prison.…

Best online will makers for 2021 - CNET

CNet - Tue, 01/26/2021 - 18:00
Affordable, quick and painless.


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