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Microsoft demotes Calibri from default typeface gig, starts fling with five other fonts

The Register - Thu, 04/29/2021 - 02:28
None of them are Comic Sans, or likely to provoke similar passion

Microsoft has decided that Calibri’s days as its default font are numbered.…

When you’re building a cybersecurity pro, you need to get the foundations right

The Register - Thu, 04/29/2021 - 02:00
New starter or mid-career switcher? Here’s where to start

Promo  Cyber attackers are a diverse lot. They can strike from anywhere in the world, and may be motivated by greed, politics, status, or pure malevolence. And their techniques range from the dazzlingly sophisticated to the frankly crude, technically speaking.…

China launches first module of new, crewed, Tiangong-3 space station

The Register - Thu, 04/29/2021 - 01:26
Expected to host three astronauts for a decade, starting in 2022

China has placed the first module of a crewed space station in orbit.…

Oh no it isn't... Oh yes it is... Microsoft confirms OneDrive lives on under Windows 7

The Register - Thu, 04/29/2021 - 01:02
Panto season comes early in Redmond as TLS tweaks revive software

Is the OneDrive desktop sync client supported under Windows 7? Despite evidence to the contrary, it appears so.…

Good: Water vapor signal detected for first time on distant planet. Bad: Ah, we'll let one of the boffins explain

The Register - Thu, 04/29/2021 - 00:02
Ah look, it's the galaxy's Florida

Evidence of what was once possibly water vapor has been detected in the atmosphere in a distant world for the first time – though one of the scientists involved in the discovery told us this would-be interstellar getaway is "completely inhospitable."…

Korean app-maker Scatter Lab fined for using private data to create homophobic and lewd chatbot

The Register - Wed, 04/28/2021 - 23:28
Users weren't warned conversations on chat apps were being used to build a bot. And parents weren't told their young kids had signed up

South Korea has issued its first ever sanction against an AI technology company for the “indiscreet processing of personal information.”…

Digital Ocean springs a leak: Miscreant exploits hole to peep on unlucky customers' billing details for two weeks

The Register - Wed, 04/28/2021 - 23:05
First that IPO and now this

Digital Ocean on Wednesday said someone was able to snoop on some of its cloud subscribers' billing information via a now-patched vulnerability.…

Huawei revenue dips 16 per cent to $23.5bn. Bosses aren't worried because decline was a matter of (selling smartphone brand) Honor

The Register - Wed, 04/28/2021 - 21:57
$600m in patent royalty payments pour in to help margins pop

Huawei has posted its Q1 2021 results – and the headline figure is a 16.5 per cent year-on-year revenue drop to CNY152.2bn (US$23.5bn).…


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